I think the developers were trying to be funny when they came up with the name for their KinectHack… Because it does in no way reduce noise but instead gives you a whole new way to create some:

“Thought we’d try something a little different from squelchy synth noises with the Kinect and decided to see if it was fun playing air Violin ……..and it was :)”

Ok, it may not actually be noise since we’re talking about producing violin music here! The developers say that they “can see this working for the gentler souls that Noise Solution works with or just as a way of contrasting what we can do. Still a very simple patch but I feel we’re starting to get somewhere with this now.”

It reminds me of Bill and Ted and their penchant to do air guitar solos. Only this time, you’re producing something a little more “high class” than wicked guitar riffs. For those who want to indulge in that kind of fun and nostalgia, this just may be the app that you’re looking for.

Be sure to visit their website to learn more about “Noise Solution.”


Visit Project Website


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