Touch technology may have met its match now that users can freely browse  the internet with the no-touch technology provided by the Kinect. This program has presented everyone the potential to surf through their favorite social networking sites, picture hosting websites and online stores using only their hand sways and gestures. This video released by students of Fluid Interfaces Group and Information Ecology Group shows the web browser extension they made that enables any webpage to interact with the Kinect. The programming language used was Javascript. They have christened this extension as the DepthJS.

The video shows how the students were able to browse through different windows using only their hand without touching any surface. The Kinect makes this possible by detecting the hand movements and was also programmed to maximize the window if the user clenched his fist. The makers of this video is dreaming big for their program. While their creation can only browse through windows at the moment, given time and further development, the are envisioning the Kinect to also help in using other applications in the web such as games and utilities.

For more information about DepthJS, visit it code’s website. The download of the DepthJS is also available there.


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