Film enthusiasts and producers might be delighted to know that the Kinect can help them add style and variety to their work. The best example of such is this music video of Moullinex entitled Catalina. The team of  Luis Clara Gomes, Luis Calçada and Francisco Costa produced this stylized music video featuring shades of gray, pencil sketches and lines. This was made possible by the Kinect’s ability to read depth and also map out specific points in the images. This made the video’s editing much easier for the team as they can freely trace the framework of the images and add the necessary effects.

One thing of note here is the threshold filter that the team added in order to delete points that were not necessary for the video. In this case, the points that were further away from image were traced and then erased, leaving only the necessary image of the person in the screen. The video was captured by Kinect and editing made use of Processing, Cinema 4D and After Effects. The film production community should pay close attention to the Kinect as this affordable yet effective alternative will definitely be of use to them.

For more information about Catalina Music Video, check out their website. You can also download the source code for the threshold filter here.

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