Here is yet another motion capture product of the Kinect and user programs from the Kinect community. This video by Youtube userĀ , shows his latest activity in tinkering with various digital avatars/dolls and how the Kinect’s motion-capture feature allows their manipulation. A notable thing that can be seen in this video is how the user was able to use the Kinect to even animate the jaws of the Skeleton doll. This goes to show that one-by-one, the Kinect community is starting to expand the various features of the Kinect in the quest of maximizing its potential.

Here is description of the Kinect Ragdolls by the developer:

“Using my Skeleton Character and Motion Builder Characters. The Head and jaw of the skeleton are also physics animated. My virtual legs are a bit short but on the flipside my arms are long and can do some heavy slaps.

Motion Capture through Brekel Kinect and MotionBuilder.”

For more information about the Kinect Ragdolls, visit project’s Youtube Page.

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