Your enemies cower in fear as thousands of your venerable Roman legionnaires wait the signal to charge; the wave of your hand. The problem though is that gamers settle for mouse clicks when issuing the command to strike. With the Kinect however, users may now relive the power and glory that the Roman Emperors wielded and possessed. You can rally your troops and order them to attack simply and literally, with the wave of your hand. The popular RTS Simulation game, Rome Total War can now be controlled through the Kinect. This gives the user “hands-on” experience to the art of warfare. This video release by Youtube used  demonstrates how with his hand (and the Kinect), an occasional use of the WiiMote and voice commands, he can control his Roman Army. The battlefield can be zoomed in or out with a forward or back lean of the body. The cursor responds accordingly to the hand movements and through voice commands, users can select their troops and order them to attack. This great new and immersing motion addition adds the necessary touch to make gamers play the Rome Total War again but with the Kinect this time. After all, who doesn’t want to feel like the Emperor of one of the mightiest civilizations of all-time?

Here is a description of the Kinect Rome Total War Project:

“The obvious solution to the vast array of manipulations that the TW series offer is voice control. For this video it’s being done with a headset but once the mic gets implemented in the PrimeSense driver set you should be able to use Kinect alone. The voice recognition comes straight from Windows 7 and is converted into commands by using the VAC System.

GlovePIE is also being used here to connect up the chuck for thumb navigation and clicks as well as running a simple little script that allows the zoom in and out feature without actually having to lean back (eg you can just sit normally to revert to normal zoom).”

For more information about Kinect Rome Total War, visit the project’s Youtube Page.

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