More gargantuan game titles join the fray as this latest title gets the much desired Kinect control interface! The Kinect Mirror’s Edge is the Kinect rendition of this popular sandbox exploration game with controls coming from the gestures and actions of the player. This video by¬†Aser displays how he is able to control the game through the Kinect. In the video, the Mirror’s Edge game is played through lurches forward and backward of the body. This enables the user to control the movement of the protagonist, to jump off buildings and land safely. Arm gestures will initiate hostile moves such as punches in order to complete the action set to basically play the game. We welcome these new wave of major game titles with Kinect controls because we know the community will work towards having a great NUI for games!

For more information about the Kinect Mirror’s Edge, visit the project’s Youtube Page.

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