The much awaited debut of Microsoft’s official Kinect SDK beta is today! Now, Kinect hackers and developers would soon have Microsoft’s “token of support” and this will definitely pave the way for more great Kinect programs/hacks. Multiple tech-mag websites are announcing that the Kinect SDK’s release date is today. Here are some words from the various websites covering this event:

“At 9:30 a.m. PST on Thursday Microsoft through their Channel 9 developer website will officially launch the Kinect for Windows SDK beta.While speaking at a conference in Madrid Microsoft’s Spain President Maria Garaña announced that the SDK would be made available this week  and will include skeletal tracking, advanced audio capabilities and various other features that will be able to take advantage of various Kinect apps.Developers can expect four-element microsoft array abilities, noise and echo cancellation capabilities and the ability to integrate with the Windows speech recognition API and beam formation to find current sound sources.” – THE INQUISTR

“If you would remember, Microsoft was supposed to release their official Kinect SDK to developers sometime this year. However, there hasn’t been an official date confirmation on that until now. We now hear that a Channel 9 special event at 9:30 AM PST today will celebrate the release of the Kinect for Windows SDK beta. That means we need not have to wait too long to know whether the information is true or not. Let’s just hope it is.” – Device Magazine

“Microsoft is holding a special event tomorrow (today), which well be streamed live on the web at Channel 9, and the company is expected to announce the availability of the Kinect for Windows SDK Beta.” – Geeky Gadgets

“Microsoft is all set to release the software development kit (SDK) for Kinect for Windows today. That’s according to WinRumors, which says the Redmond company will reveal all during a stream on the Big M’s Channel 9 website.” – T3

There you have it, the SDK is set to be released today! Check out our dedicated Kinect SDK page for the supposed details that will come with the SDK! Also, check out MSDN’s Channel 9 Live Webpage for their coverage of the event!

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