It’s amazing how people have found so many different uses for the Kinect’s motion sensor and depth camera. We’ve seen it used to map and produce 3D reconstructions of everything from the human form to buildings. Today’s hack is from Matherix Labs and another one that utilizes the Kinect for those purposes.

The guys at Matherix labs promise that what they’ve come up with is one of the better alternatives out there because it is so easy to use. Using their method, you can create 3D reconstructions in minutes; all you need is a capture of the object from all angles, a Kinect and the 3Dify application.

After watching the video, I can say that the renders do seem very accurate and their application is something that could be worth checking out of you’re planning on working with something that could involve recreating 3D images. Head on over to the Matherix Labs website for more details.


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