Now this is just pushing what the Kinect and wireless technology can do. With a Main Kinect Control Center at place, the computer is able to properly relay commands to recipient robots. This video by  shows how this Kinect concept can have drones do chores for the user. In the video, a box is placed at the floor while two drones are on standby. A computer with a Kinect mounted on it is able to detect the robots via signs and can also detect the box. The Kinect computer then commands the drone to pick up the box. properly guiding the drones to extract and collect. Such a innovative feature has given interest to the fact that the Kinect’s depth detection can also be used in commanding multiple robots. From cleaning the house to construction, the possibilities of this Kinect hack is endless.

Here is a description by the developer:

“The mothership robot controls two smaller worker robots to move and pick up blocks. The mothership uses a Kinect to track the worker robots and blocks in 3D space. The worker robots don’t have sensors of their own, so the gatherer robot needs to turn toward the mothership after attempting to grab a block so that the mothership can see if he succeeded or not.”

For more information about the Main Kinect Control Center with Drones, visit the project’s Youtube Page.

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