We’ve got something really cool for you guys today. You know how the Kinect has had some success in being a tool used to augment presentations? Well our feature for today, something the decelopers call “Magic and Storytelling” is one that takes those ideas to the next level:

“Magic and Storytelling is an interactive presentation about the history of storytelling augmented with virtual magic in real-time. It was produced and created by New York based cyber illusionist Marco Tempest in collaboration with onformative and checksum5. When Marco asked us to work on the art direction for Magic and Storytelling we were fascinated by the challenge of combining not only several new technologies, but also giving the whole presentation a homogenous and magical look. In order to achieve this we developed a variety of different particle systems.”

According to the developers, the visual effects were achieved by combining several different systems, including the Kinect’s depth camera, and the end goal is to create an engaging way to enhance live performance.

If you’ve go a few minutes, be sure to check out the video we’ve included and judge for yourself if they were successful. You can also see more on their website by clicking the link we’ve provided below.


Visit Project Website


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