Looking for some new tools to help you with your Kinect-based projects? Well you can’t go wrong with Ludique’s Kinect Bundle.

The collection of apps offers solution to almost all major types of Kinect projects that you may currently be thinking about working on. Here are just some of the features this bundle has:

  • Use your Kinect camera to turn different surfaces to multitouch surfaces, send users skeleton joint positions as TUIO messages to other applications,
  •  Use our new hand method to send position of hands and a simple ‘press’ gesture as TUIO messages to your apps and calibrate 2 cameras to view the calibration in 3D or use a bigger and/or more precise calibration for multitouch interfaces.
  •  We also included a TUIO multiplexer, screen calibrator and simple gesture gateway.

You can test out these apps by going to the website link below. And for all KinectHackers out there working on a limited budget, you can have all these apps for free. Ludique is asking  for a little “donation”though should you find this bundle useful. So don’t be stingy and be sure to give them a hand in return.

Be sure to come back and share any projects you end up completing with Ludique’s Kinect Bundle.


Visit Project Website



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