Sometimes, a name could make or break a project. And while I have no idea where the guys behind Kreek got the name for their Kinect hack, it’s fortunately cool enough to warrant a glance despite the weird moniker they’ve decided on (Maybe they can tell us the inspiration of the name once they see that this is up).

Here’s a description of the device from the development team:

“Kreek is a Kinect controlled interface which extends a normally two-dimensional multi-touch environment by the perception of depth. This allows the user to literally reach into the interface and gives applications the possibility to interprete parameters like pressure or solid distance.”

It’s an interesting use of the Kinect and projectors. As the video shows, they end up with some pretty wicked effects that could have a lot of real world applications. Did you guys see how that anatomical model was changing real time with just a little pressure/touch? Imagine if schools were equipped with such devices, wouldn’t it make learning those things even more interesting?

Be sure to check out the project website to learn more about Kreek!


Visit Project Website



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