Avoid dealing with Windows libraries and use the specific programming language of your choice! The KinectTCP offers all video, depth and skeleton services of Microsoft’s Win7 Kinect SDK while giving the user the freedom to utilize the language of their choice. This Kinect hack by Rolf Lakaemper is step towards further customization with various Kinect programming. Here are the details:


  • offers raw RGB data in all resolutions
  • offers depth and player ID data in all resolutions
  • offers skeleton data
  • offers depth data as XYZ point cloud, not only as depth image. Get a real 3D image from your Kinect!
  • accessible by multiple clients: share your Kinect data with multiple applications
  • remote initialization or manual initialization via GUI: remotely control your server
  • fully documented
  • Comes with JAVA client example application

What do you need to run kinectTCP?

  • A Windows7 machine. — kinectTCP runs on Windows7 only, it is based on Microsoft’s Windows7 Kinect SDK
  • The kinect windows7 sdk driver (download see below). — This driver controls your Kinect. It’s a simple, single click download.
  • The .net Framework 4 (download see below). — This framework contains a lot of functions used by the kinectTCP program. You can either download the framework by itself, or let it be installed automatically with Visual Studio 2010. All of this is for free.
  • The kinectTCP program. — This is the actual program that provides the TCP server.

For more information about the KinectTCP, visit the project’s website.



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