Motion capture is becoming increasingly popular thanks to the Kinect’s affordable price. Allowing users to have their skeletal frame tracked, this basic framework gives developers the liberty to provide an overlay of any image. The most recent application of this Kinect Process is this artistic video by Nick Fox-Grieg entitled “The Dead Man and the Lawyer“. In this motion captured cartoon, a skeleton and lawyer engages in a very intriguing conversation. The Kinect was used in order to capture live human motions and then translate them into this cartoon for an artistic output.

Here is a description by the developer:

“You can send all your motion capture information to your XML file in realtime, without worrying about capturing your video image. Then, you can read the file back later and do all the complex rendering you want in full HD. By the way, the sketches will work with anything that uses OSC, not just a Kinect–all you have to do is modify the XML tags to suit your needs.”

For more information about this Kinect cartoon film, visit the developer’s website.

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