Online conversations feeling flat? Kinected promises to add another dimension to you and your friend’s online video chatting sessions. By using the latest in augmented reality tech, you’ll be able to see your friends or their wireframe skeletons in 3D on your iPhone or iPad.

Watch your friend sit, stand, and dance throughout your chat session as though he or she were right in front of you. Perfect for livening up online video conversations, Kinected also provides you with the 3D Skeleton Mode if you think the Human Mode isn’t fun enough. You can even customize the colors of the joints and skeletons for each friend.
And you aren’t the only one who’s going to have a kick out of Kinected with your iPhone and iPad. Your friend can also join in on the fun by seeing what you are looking at through the Shared View Point option. There’s a whole range of uses and advantages for the Kinected app and the fun factor is definitely one of them!

To start chatting with your 3D friend, download the Kinected app on your iPhone or iPad. Have your friend DL and install the Kinected host software (he or she will need a Microsoft Kinect console and a PC with Windows 7). Then you print the one of the image targets provided in the website. Finally, build a profile, start a Kinected, session and then point your iPhone or iPad camera to the image target to have your friend “magically” appear in all his or her 3D glory


  1. It wont be long and we’ll be seeing true 3d video conferencing. Technology is roaring ahead at break neck speed and while Kinected can use clever technology to produce skeletons and the like, that same technology is being tweaked for the real thing.

    I can imagine that one day we’ll sit down with our iPhone or similar and engage in true 3d video conferencing with participants coming from all over the world. It will bring a whole new meaning to “family get togethers”.


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