Immerse yourself into this movie-themed Kinect hack and feel the alternate world of The Matrix! The Kinect Xnatrix is a special effects and NUI Kinect hack which transforms the user into this Matrix-themed outline and also grants touch-less controls. This video Andreas showcases this mesmerizing hack and gives various producers an idea of just how to create the next touch-free control interface. In the video, the classic black background and cascading green numbers are the trademark of this hack. This gives the users the feel of the Matrix or at least a very awesome looking Kinect special effect. To top it all up, the user can bring up a touch-free control panel by moving his/her arm and hand. This can give users control of the view of the hack and in the future, other features aside from the view. Experience the “utter truth” by trying out the Kinect Xnatrix!

For more information about the Kinect Xnatrix, visit the project’s Youtube Page.

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