For the children and the children at heart, this simple yet alluring program is for you. Vimeo user Meg Richards released this video of an artistic Mix and Match game in action with the Kinect. The game is based on Ed-U-Cards Mixies card from the 1950’s and it promotes users and players to toy around with the images and enjoy the different combinations generated by the choices and their imagination. As seen in the video, users can switch through images by swiping their arms and can adjust the images of the head, torso and feet based on the levels of their arm swipes. The users can also bend and turn their backs with the images adjusting accordingly. The Kinect understands the depth and levels of the swipes and the body bends and turns. This is key in developing this interactive art game and bringing it to users around the world.

The program was created with the openFrameworks, openNI and NITE.

For more information about the game, visit its Vimeo Wesbite.

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