New musical instruments are currently in development as code developer, Jacob Fenwick uses theĀ Kinect to enable motion-based music compositions through arm movement and joint flexes. Using the audio software, Ableton Live as the base program and the Kinect’s Infrared Camera System, Jacob Fenwich and Ben Cantil made this exhibition video of creating Dubstep Wobbles. The pair showcased the remarkable result of using the Kinect to capture one’s motion and send input to Ableton Live to create live interactive music.

The desired wobble effect was made by programming the code to register the user’s right hand Y-axis movement to control the LFO modulation rate on a synth filter. The pair showcased the project on January 19, 2011 at the Ableton Boston User Group event.

The endless possibility of the Kinect is now being by tapped by the audio composing community. With the project of Fenwich and Cantil, body movements can very well be added to the different methods of musical composition and playback.

For more information, visit Jacob Fenwick’s website (under construction) or Ben Cantil’s website.


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