Dance to the music? How about music to your dance? The Kinect Visikord Dance is a great addition to the gesture-based, music generation program portfolio of the Kinect. This video by┬áDavor Magdic showcases how one’s choreography can be the core and life of party music in any event! In the video, the dancer is captured by the Kinect. A base music is played and dancers can render the music by doing dance moves. Movements add musical effects making this a perfect real-time party music creation. Imagine a DJ scratching records to perfectly fit the music to the mood of the party. This time though, the dancer can act as a DJ as well because they can customize their movements to change the music according to the mood of the dance floor. This creates an organic and highly attractive party atmosphere to any high-tech clubs!

For more information about the Kinect Visikord Dance visit the page’s Youtube Page.


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