Imagine having a full, motion-based workplace wherein you can access data, give your inputs and arranged your workforce all with movement of your hand. The people from Extended Results are working around the clock in trying to tap the innate ability of the Kinect and expand it in order to provide users with a new Natural Interface to make their work place more organized and easier to access. This initial video from Extended Results shows this proof of concept at work, simulating a sports analytics boardroom. Here the user can browse through teams, players, recent scout reports, news, upcoming matches and the like. Using their hand gestures, the user can conveniently browse through the following data and also gives them a well-organized and visually appealing work room.

This beats your standard computer workstation primarily because users can walk around and still gain access to the boardroom. This concept though transcends not only the kind of work this application can hold but also to different genres that need a organized and smooth platform. Having this Virtual WorkPlace let’s say, to help you arrange your fantasy teams or organize video game raiding guilds will definitely give both a thorough and general view of the information needed. The Kinect is in charge of capturing the user’s hand gestures and translating them into commands.

For more information about the Kinect WorkPlace, visit the Extended Results website.

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