No need to go to a dojo when you can practice your martial arts at the comforts of your home! The Kinect Virtual Sensei Lite helps users hone their martial prowess by detecting, correcting and demonstrating the proper technique. This video by Alessandro Timmi showcases this very helpful hack and how you might just go and bow to your Kinect after a training session. In the video, the program is explained and the benefits that the user can have if he owned a copy of the Virtual Sensei Lite. With no markers needed, the user has absolute freedom of movement. The user then can perform the techniques and the Kinect Virtual Sensei will evaluate the performance. The user then can reconfigure and practice the right technique without the need to spend money on personal trainers. Learn the discipline of martial arts at your living room!

For more information about the Kinect Virtual Sensei Lite, visit the project’s website.

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