We previously saw the concept of having a virtual interface for easier web browsing. This aids users to better utilize their gestures in browsing the vast internet space. This is the KinVi 1.0, and this full launch is an indication that Kinect developers are taking the technology concept of gesture-based browsing very seriously. In the video, the furnished Virtual Interface is put to work and the KinVi proves itself as a helpful tool. The user controls a virtual avatar with specific menus in front of him. Opening browsers and instant messengers are few of the proposed uses of the KinVi. This development further emphasizes the desire of the common users to experience an easy and new way of convenient browsing. KinVi aims to sate this desire and further propel a Natural User Interface for computing.

For more information about the Kinect KinVi 1.0, visit the project’s website.

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