Create your own band and this time, no distance or boundaries will hinder you from doing so. The Kinect Virtual Instruments over the Internet lets various users create music together through the Internet. This video by Thomas shows this revolutionary concept in bringing not only people, but their creative and music prowess together. In this video, several students have their own setup and each has an instrument to play. They can relay their music to each other and with each having a different instrument but on the same tune, masterpieces can be created despite being seas distant to each other. We praise the students behind this incredible idea!

Here is a description by the developers:

“This is a project by Nanyang Technological University, Information Engineering & Media (IEM) program. The project is about creating virtual instruments such as guitar, Hawaiian instruments and even DJ mixer and most importantly, some of the instruments such as Hawaiian instruments can be linked over the Internet and let users to share the fun with each other even they are not at the same location!”

For more information about the Kinect Virtual Instruments, visit the project’s Youtube Page.

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