Kinect users love their virtual instruments. The Kinect Reason2Kinect Virtual Instrument program is a simple virtual piano program made through FAAST. This video by Tom Smurthwaite displays how he used the Kinect and FAAST to create his very own virtual piano. In the video, the user is seen being tracked by the Kinect. Through  gestures the program is able to play specific tunes from a piano instrument. These kinds of hacks serve as solid foundations for more artistic programs. FAAST allows users to keymap certain gestures to specific controls. In this hack, gestures captured by the Kinect, along with the key-mapped controls of FAAST, play the virtual instrument.

For more information about the Kinect Reason2Kinect Virtual Instrument, visit the project’s website.

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  1. Thanks for posting my video. To avoid confusion I didn’t track finger movments, I used Faast to map movements to computer keys then mapped these keys to musical keys on the virtual piano. The piano was then linked through midiyoke to a Thor synth on Reason. I also used a wifi buzz controller mapped to different notes to add interest. Any other solutions welcome.


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