Going to a more realistic and accurate virtual environment, not only can the environment look the the real world, but it can also have the same physics laws. This Kinect virtual environment by Youtube userĀ  shows this latest Kinect hack and how the virtual environment created by the community is getting closer to simulating the real world. Behaving the same way as they would if interacted in real life, the objects within this Kinect program contribute in the overall goal of the project. If boxes are thrown, they fall to the ground and roll based on the momentum of the throw of if they collide with other objects if the trajectory paths cross.

The video of this Kinect virtual environment exemplifies the evolving technology and how the Kinect can bring the user to enjoy these technologies. As the Kinect’s depth camera device is fairly an affordable one, various users are beginning to contribute their knowledge and time in making a stable virtual environment. And with the Physics of the objects now added to the program, the line between virtual and real has blurred once again.

This project was made with the OpenNI skeletal tracking program, Ogre3d for rendering and bullet physics for the realistic physics behavior of the objects. The project was made for the CSCI 6830 Virtual Reality Class at UGA.

For more information about this program, visit its Youtube Page.

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