Now if the world wants to see how close the Kinect community is in developing a functional 3d virtual environment, then this latest Kinect program is indeed a must-see. Going beyond a flat screen and actually creating this 3d cave, users will be totally immersed with the experience. Using 3 screens to create a front and 2 side display environment, the user engages in this full-view virtual reality. The Kinect captures the physical movements of the user and treats this as the primary commands to interact with this virtual reality. Leaning sideways and hand movements allows the user to navigate through the 3d cave. Users can go inside rooms and walk through halls with this Kinect-propelled program. Although object interaction is still not available, expect that such feature will be added soon.

In this video release by , the 3d cave and the Kinect collaboration is put to use. With such a detailed setup and full interactivity with this virtual reality, we may see a future form of ocular service. Rather than spending transportation time and money in going to a place to have an ocular, event facilities may provide their virtual environment copies so that users can freely access the whole facility at the comforts of their own home.

For more information about the Kinect 3d Cave, visit the CASALA’s website.

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