When  I was a kid, I was fascinated with the orchestra conductor. I thought it was amazing how he can control the music by waving his arms with that little stick of his. At school, I would usually volunteer to be the conductor and lead my classmates as they sang the national anthem. I still have some of that fascination left in me and every once in a while, usually when I get my hands on a discarded chopstick, I would find myself conducting to an invisible orchestra.

Now, I’m sure some of you out there have done this yourselves as well. No need to be shy, we all have our little weird habits. The good news is that today’s featured hack can let yo become a conductor and now have an actual orchestra to lead. All you need is a Kinect.

The video shows an application that allows a conductor to control the music with different hand gestures. Waving to the right, left or front can have different results such as triggering cues, causing ring modulation and changing the frequency. We don’t have much details on how it was constructed but its obvious that this one takes advantage of the Kinect’s motion sensing abilities and links it to some type of audio system.

It’s cool watching her perform with an invisible orchestra and hear those disembodied voices follow her command. Check out the video and experience it yourself.




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