Words escape us when viewing this great video manipulation program! The Kinect Video Manipulation is a gesture-based video playback program that let’s users create cloud players using their hands! This video by Stefan greatly reminds us of the various Sci-fi movies and we’re pretty sure that his hack will be the back-bone of that technology becoming reality! In the video, the user only has to gesture a square maneuver in order to create a virtual screen in front of him. On the screen, a selected video plays, showing its playback to the users content. If the user desires another video to play, he only has to create another screen, thus creating another video playback for him to manipulate and enjoy. Using both hands, he can select the frame and the timeline of the movie, skipping parts and going to his desired clips with just a wave of his hands. We told you that this hack is awesome and we’re definitely looking forward to this technology coming to our computer and TV screens!

For more information about the Kinect Video Manipulation, visit the project’s Youtube Page.

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