Kinect is becoming a great tool for music videos to create effects that blend perfectly with the music. The Kinect Genepool Spalter Video is a music video which utilized the Kinect’s 3d motion capture feature in order to create artistic, point cloud effects. This video by¬† displays the music video “Spalter” with its great soundtrack and even made greater with the use of the Kinect. In the video, the images of the users are created through point clouds thanks to the Kinect’s 3d motion capture. The band members are then displayed in surreal images. The added transition effects and point cloud texture movements add depth and variety to the video. This is another great Kinect product that reinforces the fact that the depth camera has a place in the video industry. We’ve also seen other video effects from the Kinect and as the days progress, we will definitely see more video effects come our way.

For more information about the Kinect Genepool Spalter Video, visit the project’s Youtube Page.

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