This simple Kinect hack gives users the ability to control a virtual car! The Kinect Vehicle Control, along with PhysX is a basic display of what the developers can do with the Kinect. This video by Alberto showcases how, with gesture-based driving controls, users can manipulate virtual objects. In the video, a user is given control of a car and the Kinect captures the user’s motions as the primary control command for the car. Moving your hands like driving a steering wheel moves the car and even changes the car’s directions. The car can also interact with other virtual objects within the program. In this case, a tall column of blocks were placed. When the car hits the blocks, they fall down and the PhysX gives the blocks the behavior of real objects. A simple but definitely a great foundation hack for developers out there!

For more information about the Kinect Vehicle Control, visit the project’s Youtube Page.

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