Who said students can afford a goo presentation and good technology to back it up? The Kinect was recently used in a university campaign that have silenced doubters on the Kinect’s practicality and access. This video by Jonathan showcases how Kinect, mixed with the energy of the youth can provide a feasible and effective advertising campaign. In the video, the costumed hosts of the campaign attract attention through the use of easy-to-play Kinect custom games. After attracting a sizable crowd, the hosts can then commence creating awareness to their brand and cause. Hundreds of spectators were educated and informed thanks to the technological hook provided by the Kinect. This is a prelude to the different campaigns, causes and advertising agencies who are looking for an affordable yet effective way of capturing the interests of customers. With the power of next-gen gadgets on your side, you can’t go wrong!

For more information about the Kinect being used in university campaign, visit the project’s Youtube Page.


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