Magicians are starting to see the wonders of modern technology as more of these crafty showmen adopt gadgets in order to provide more jaw-dropping tricks. The most recent evidence of such is this magic trick video by Youtube user¬†. In the video, he shows how his crafty hand work, accompanied by the Kinect can yield an ever greater performance for his audience. Using the 3DVIA Studio for the image rendering, the FAAST for the controls and the Kinect for motion capture, this simple card trick has transcended from real to virtual presence. ¬†With a card, he asks his audience to write their name on the card, he then performs this hand trick that puts the card “inside” the computer by having the card and also the name written there, in the same penmanship inside the PC. This is indeed a great trick by the developer and we would wish to see more magicians play around with the Kinect device.

For more information about the Kinect Magic Trick, visit the developer’s website.

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