This is indeed the ultimate first-person shooter simulator that gives the real feel of modern battle! The Kinect Ultimate Battlefield 3 Simulator pits the Kinect into an awesome gaming environment to have users move and feel how its like to enter war. This video found in The Gadget Show displays the power of the Kinect and how, through a creative and technological setup, the future of video gaming looks very bright. In the video, the user is seen being put inside this whole interactive gaming setup. The floors move enabling users to stay put even though they actually stride. The Kinect captures the user’s movement and therefore detects if the user wants to shoot, throw a grenade, tilt their head or move. This gives the game, screens and floors to change and adapt to the user’s strategy. This is the future of gaming and all should see it!

For more information about the Kinect Ultimate Battlefield 3 Simulator, visit the project’s Youtube Page.

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