The popular microblogging website, Twitter, has now tasted the developments and creativity that the Kinect community is starting to be known for. Wolfgang Herfurtner from the Evoluce team released this video showcasing their recent contribution to the Kinect community, the Twitter Speech Bubbles Controlled via Kinect Sensor. In this video, multiple users can be detected by the Kinect. With a hand wave, users can then manipulate their tweets being shown in their personal speech balloon. This refreshing way in viewing tweets can add variety to the this internet sensation application. With users being able to represent themselves via the Kinect’s depth camera, a more personalized and lively version of Twitter might soon be on the way.

Here is a description of the program:

This application was developed by Evoluce for. Twitter messages are controlled by movements of users detected in front of the Kinect sensor. Every time a user waves his hand through the speech bubble a new twitter message appears. When one of the users performs an “embrace” gesture both users share the same idea in only one speech bubble.

For more information about the Kinect Twitter Application by Evoluce, visit the project’s website.

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  1. Thats cool and all, but I’m not sure that they properly used it for this application. I mean really, whats the purpose like this? I could see it being used in a different type of Twitter platform. But not in this type of environment, sorry.


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