Kinect now makes it possible for you to live your childhood dreams. Youtube user hogehoge335 released this video of him transforming into the Japanese superhero sensation, Ultra Seven (think Ultraman) and using signature moves like the Eye Slugger. The series of Ultra Seven videos by hogehoge335 garnered popular interest quickly and this latest Ultra Seven video shows a more in-depth feature. The code enables the Ultra Seven superpowers to be force sensitive, allowing the powers to vary in speed and velocity.

This fun project opens the door to future ideas of developing “superhero” codes for the Kinect and the PC. The code for the Ultra Seven has already been released and can be downloaded here. The program requires a fast CPU and the GPU has to support OpenGL 2.x and other programmable shaders. If you want more information regarding the compatibility of this program to your PC, check hogehoge335’s working configuration site.

A related post will be published shortly with hogehoge335 now using the Kinect to do a favorite and popular “saiyan” power, the Kame Hame Wave.


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