What will be the benefits of properly understanding and integrating computers in our lifestyle? The famous TedX talks recently invited Vincent John Vincent, the co-founder of GestureTek Inc. in order  to talk about gesture-based computers and how the Kinect is the focal point for a new way of computing. In the video, Vincent shows examples of classic gesture-based computing, the benefits of fully understanding the benefits of gesture-based computing and also how the recent release of Kinect hacks is revolutionizing the way we see computers. He also mentioned the benefits of immersing the users into a virtual environment resulting to faster rehabilitation for those who have been physically injured. Check the full talk and be enlightened about the rewards of Kinect.

Here is a description of the video:

“Vincent John Vincent is the co-founder & creative force behind GestureTek Inc., the inventors, pioneers and world leaders for over 24 years in video gesture control computing devices. Along with Francis MacDougall they invented and patented “full body immersive virtual reality”, in the late 1980s, where the user’s image appears on screen and interacts with the surrounding animation. Vincent has been instrumental in running the company, finding new markets, and the creation applications for the technology. Thousands of systems have been used in public video games, entertainment & education environments, as well as rehabilitation. Vincent also used the technology as the world’s first VR performer; performing extensively worldwide, from 1986 onward. Technology & patents were licensed to Sony’s EyeToy & Move camera systems, and to Microsoft’s XBOX Vision & Kinect camera system. In 2000 they invented GestPoint, with 2D & 3D depth cameras, the point and control technology, the inspiration for the movie “Minority Report”. In 2001 they invented the GestureFX system that turned any surface (floors, walls, tables, windows) into interactive gesture controlled displays for entertainment & digital signage around the world. From this Illuminate System evolved, the first multi touch system for tables and vertical panels. Today’s leading edge innovations are with the 3D depth camera gesture control technology they invented in 2001.”

For more information about the Kinect TedX Talk, visit the talk’s Youtube Page.

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