Agencies from Sweden recently unveiled this project which takes users into a journey back and forth through dresses. The Kinect Swedish Dressing Room is a cultural experience that give users the feature to digitally cover themselves with clothes from another era. This video by Youtube user  displays the Kinect dressing room potential in ushering in cultural knowledge and experience to users. In the video, the Kinect detects the users and shows them at the display screen. After detection, the user is then enclosed with virtual clothing from another era. This inspires the youth to learn more about the historical progression of society while being entertained in the process.

Here is a description by the developers:

“A journey back and forth is a exhibition at Historiska Museét in Stockholm, Sweden aimed at children. Produced By to Swedish governmendt agencies, Riksuställningar and Historiska Museét. This shows how the visitor can try on different clothes with the help of a hacked kinect.”

For more information about the Kinect Swedish Dressing Room, visit the project’s Youtube Page.

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