We take the experience of immersible 3d virtual environment experience to a new level! The Kinect SUVIX Bachelor Project is a 3d environment program that lets users experience life in virtual reality. This video by  showcases the in-depth experience of virtual reality and how the Kinect can make virtual life easier to navigate. In the video, a user is seen wearing VR goggles to add to the experience of the 3d environment. The Kinect is in charge of detecting user movement so whether it is a turn of the head or the swing of the arm, the Kinect sends these data to the program and the VR environment reacts accordingly. The user can have a panoramic view of the place or they can also interact with various objects within the VR environment. Is it real life or is it VR? In the future, we might have difficulty finding out.

For more information about the Kinect SUVIX Bachelor Project, visit the project’s Youtube Page.

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