This ingenious setup with the Kinect allows hands-on visual customization using a piece of fabric! The Kinect Stretchy Fabric for Visual/Audio Presentation is tech setup that creates an interactive “canvass” in order to create art. This video by┬áJohn Kuiphoff displays how, through the Kinect’s motion sensing capability and a stretched fabric, alluring displays of color can be created. In the video, a stretchy fabric is placed in front of a display. Users then can interact with the stretched fabric in order to create a moving color display. With the Kinect, the fabric is pressure sensitive. More pressure displays a deeper color and lower tunes and having light pressure producers light colors and higher tunes. This is another creative way of producing art and adds to the ever-growing list of Kinect Art Hacks!

For more information about the Kinect Stretchy Fabric for Visual/Audio Presentation, visit the project’s Youtube Page.

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