Out of shape because you’ve been playing Street Fighter all day, sitting on your couch? Well that is all about to change as the latest of this string of Street Fighter Kinect hacks brings us this very physical, interactive way of playing the fighting game. The Kinect Street Fighter IV Workout will definitely work up a sweat to any user playing the game. Gareth Pursehouse recently uploaded this video of this Kinect program that make use of Street Fighter IV but different from the other Kinect hacks involving the game, this program has embedded controls that are designed to be very physical and tiring. This provides users with an ample program to work out while playing their favorite fighting game.

Here is a description by the developer:

“Basically, instead of setting up automated scripts to execute the special moves, I’ve setup the FAAST key actions so that anyone can act as a game pad and do all the moves, the same as the game characters do, for a real good workout and a LOT of fun 🙂

I’ve been playing the game with this setup for about a month, and it has almost replaced my gym routine ( particularly the cardio part ). I just hope more people get into using the kinect how the xbox games are minded, as a way to get in better shape while having fun. And nothing is more fun than playing the games you already like to play! 🙂

For more information about the Kinect Street Fighter IV Workout, visit the project’s website.

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