Romain Dumaine previously graced us with his Kinect Sound Effect prototype which is built upon a concept of creating cool beats and sounds with gesture-based actions. Now, the project has reached its completion as the Kinect Sound Effect Final Revision has been released by the developer and the result is as brilliant as we expected it to be. In the video, the user is seen modifying the sound intensity and tune by carefully aligning his hand to specific points in the visual guide provided by the program. A sample beat is given and the tune plays, through the Kinect’s hand tracking, the user’s synthesizer is the hand. Great music can then be composed and modified using the Kinect Sound Effect Final Revision.

Here is a description by the developer:

“That is my final video about this project for my uni.

In this video I’m using using a kinect connected to my computer.

OScleton (the software in command line) tracks every part of my body. In this project I only used my hands and shoulders. OScleton sends every information tracked through OSC protocol.

Then a Max For Live patch receives all the information, I developed a patch that uses those information in order to choose which effect I want, and which parameters of the effect I wanted to tweak. “

For more information about the Kinect Sound Effect Final Revision, visit the project’s Vimeo Page.

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