Skim and fly through this colorful world! The Kinect Solstice is a gesture-based, flying game that lets user’s explore this world of visual eye-candy. This video by┬áJordan Hemenway displays the beta version of the game and how his team is determined to release the Kinect Solstice Game soon. In the video, the user controls the in-game flyer via touch-free hands. The user can then steer the character around the magical world of Solstice, exploring the different glamour and visuals it can offer. As the video says, “explore the feeling of freedom and flight in a whole new way” with the Kinect Solstice. We and the rest of the Kinect community are very much delighted to see that developers are taking Kinect custom-made games seriously. With an ever widening list, the quality of these games will surely reach gigantic proportions!

For more information about the Kinect Solstice, visit the project’s Youtube Page.


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