Forget standing, use the Kinect while sitting! The Kinect Sitting Posture Recogniton is another addition to the growing variety of detectable postures when using the Kinect. This video by¬†Alexey Gavrilov showcases this sitting position and how another batch of gestures enter the KInect library. In the video, the user’s skeletal frame is detected but the difference is that the Kinect recognizes it even if the user is sitting. The usual posture when using the Kinect is standing and by far that was the only posture recognized by the Kinect. Now with the Sitting Posture Recognition, users can now sit and control the Kinect. This is even greater news to the Kinect community as developers can now utilize this position and add more features to upcoming and existing hacks!

For more information about the Kinect Sitting Posture Recognition, visit the project’s Youtube Page.

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  1. hi
    What is the name of this sdk.
    Actually i am developing a program which detects the gestures of user while he is sitting. I currently used the Microsoft’s Kinect SDK. But the use is required to stand up for gesture detection. Can you tell me any Kinect SDK and Gesture engine which can do this.


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