Since we featured a sign language recognition in our previous entry, it is just fitting to have one up right now but this time, in Arabic. The Kinect Sign Language Detection in Arabic crosses the border of the English language in order to feature texts in Arabic. This video by¬† shows his latest project in trying to bridge the languages together by proving that the Kinect’s Sign Language Recognition potential can even cater to other languages. In the video, the user is seen performing various hand gestures that the Kinect recognizes as sign language. The text counter part of these gestures are then written in Arabic in order for people to read and see. This allows users, especially those who do not know sign languages to converse with people with difficulty in speech and hearing. This also allows people who speak in Arabic to reap the benefits of the Kinect.

For more information about the Kinect Sign Language in Arabic, visit the project’s Youtube page.

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