After several months of continuous development, see what 2 Kinect sensors and an inspired film mind can do! The Kinect Short Film – “Happy Box” is a finished product of film making, motion capture and the Kinect technology. This video by Greenlaw is inspired by the popular webcomic Brudders and showcases spectacular use of the Kinect’s MoCap feature. In the video, the characters of the story are all virtual and CG rendered. For the characters to move and interact with each other, a one hour shoot for 17 shots was made using 2 Kinect sensors. After a little over a month of editing, this short has now come to life! The colors are exquisite, the lines are funny and the movements are flawless; all of these in an affordable price and an independent timeline. Now anybody with the 2 Kinect setup and the time and creative mind can create their own feature animation! We love the motion capture of the Kinect and thus, we are rewarded with brilliant shorts like the Happy Box!

For more information about the Kinect Short Film – “Happy Box”, visit the project’s Youtube Page.

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