Say goodbye to finding that lost T.V. remote control as Kinect, alongside UIRT (Universal Infrared Receiver Transmitter)¬†¬†technology have made it possible to control your television with simple body movements. ¬†Harishankar Narayanan is the author of this project and made the first step to what may be the next innovation to television. The code developer uploaded this video displaying his control over his television using his body as the designated remote control. Through arm movements, he was able to change channels, alter the television’s volume and even turn it off/on.

Using the OpenNI development kit to establish a skeletal framework of himself, he used the Kinect as his primary input device, detecting both his movement and depth. The data is transfered to a PC (in his case, a Mac Mini) which is then translated for the USB-UIRT device connected to his computer. The USB-UIRT acts as the hub for sending Infrared Signals to the Television. The result? You can now surf channels with your arm with 0% chance of losing your remote.

For more details about this technology, visit Harishankar Narayanan’s website or you can download the code here.


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