Not exclusively for the Xbox anymore

The Kinect community continues to grow as Microsoft officially announced it already has sold more than 10 Million Kinect devices since its launch. More developers are recognizing the huge potential the Kinect device possess. A lot of different Kinect contributions have already been produced and shared in the initial phase of the Kinect “hackers” community. These ideas range from the brilliant and practical to the silly yet fun. These projects however have aggressively pushed the rate of Kinect development output and quality. The active participation of the community as well as the public support of Microsoft and open acceptance of corporate firms have inspired more developers, artists and innovators to experiment with the Kinect. We can most surely speculate that the record-breaking sales is a result of the Kinect community’s hard-work and creativity. The Guinness World Record has already announced that the Kinect is the “Fastest Selling Consumer Electronics Device” in the planet.

With a staggering amount of people already owning a Kinect, it is safe to say that we will be experiencing a great explosion of Kinect projects, ideas and experiments. Stores may interactive windows soon and watch Kinect-assisted performances. This milestone for Kinect belongs not only to Microsoft, but more especially to he Kinect community who still share their time and knowledge. Stay tuned here in to remain updated on the latest Kinect programs and hacks.


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