You can create instant wonders with the land you’ve created! The Kinect Sand Landscapes Toy projects colorful visuals and worldy bodies to an actual patch of earth created by the user. This video by Christian Parsons displays how the Kinect’s camera is able to produce this interactive “sandbox”. In the video, the patch of earth is seen and then becomes lit up. Through the Kinect, the depth of the earth is detected and mountain ranges are formed as well as river beds that constantly move. The user then can change the earth by interacting with it personally the visuals change. Users can form new mountains and set the course of rivers to run. This interactive “God” mode immerses users into an experience of creation and majesty. Now users have the power of terra formation in their hands thanks to the Kinect!

For more information about the Kinect Sand Landscapes Toy, visit the Youtube Page.

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