You can now experience that high-tech, room of the future with this Kinect-powerd lighting control system! The Kinect Room Lighting on Specific Points is an automated home lighting system that switches off and on particular lights depending on the position of the user within the room. This video by¬† is a stunning exhibit of the Kinect’s skeletal frame detection and its possible connection with home lighting. In the video, there are 3 specific points in the room: the desktop, sofa, and the shelf. Each has a lamp that lights on if the Kinect detects the user in the proximity of that spot. The other lamps turn off in order to conserve energy. With this kind of home automated lighting system on the works, not only the room but also specific parts within the room are controlled!

For more information about the Kinect Room Lighting on Specific Points, visit the project’s Youtube Page.

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