OurĀ love-able, hopeless romantic robot has taken its first step to becoming a reality. Youtube userĀ  recently uploaded this video of a Kinect robot that pretty much resembles the animated character, Wall-E. The video does not show any further function of the Kinect Wall-E, the resemblance is there and it might comfort or excite users to know that there are developers out there who are using the Kinect to make Wall-E, a reality. Further developments might see this Kinect robot pick up the trash and clean, move around with hands or even fall in love with a fellow robot. With the technological advancements we’ve seen with the Kinect, we’d say that anything is possible.

Here is a brief description of the Kinect Wall-E Robot:

This robot is built mainly from vex motors(8) & a micro-controller. NXT motors(3), sensors & micro-controller. Kinect for vision & All controlled by on board computer.

For more information about Wall-E, visit the project’s Youtube Page.

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  1. YESSSSS!!! NOWWWW? Just SKIN IT?! Maybe you will inspire them to make a Wall-E Kinect Special Edition Console and Game with a nice SKIN, right?!

    P.S. Star Wars R2D2 would make another great similar Kinect project and agree or disagree that the special edition Sensor could have been made a little more special with a few simple design changes to the housing to look a little more like his head? Can anyone else say modification (faceplate style/simplicity?)


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